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19 May 2011 @ 02:37 am
A strange thing happened lately. At the place I am now working, 2 of my co-workers have both said that they hate this city and that they want to move back to the cities they came from. I have aged sufficiently (and matured enough) that I didn't ask what was on the tip of my tongue which was "Well, why don't you?". Personally I love this city and have come to the conclusion that if you truly love where you live, there is no reason for you not to live there.
I wasn't really willing to do what it would take to keep living in Hawaii, but if I had to, I would work a full shift at McDonald's then cross the street to work a full shift at Burger King and work Taco Bell on my days off if I had to in order to keep living here in Vegas. Why keep living in a city you hate? I wanted to ask one of them what would they do if they were offered a assistant manager, or even manager position? Would they stay in a city they hate just because they have a career there? Wouldn't it be better to go where you love and try to build your career there? I'd rather have a job I hate in a place I love than love my job and hate where I live.
Having moved here, I CHOSE to where I wanted to live. There are other places I like, but none of them enough to do what it takes to live there. I LOVE Tokyo, but to get there and make a living there would be tough to say the least and I wouldn't want to do what I'd have to in order to live there. San Francisco is nice (Japantown at least) with great shopping and food, but the cost of living and taxes there aren't worth it to me. COULD I do it? Sure if I loved the city that much, but I don't.
In final thought it just seems to me that people should find where they are happy and do whatever they need to in order to live there. If you don't want to do whatever it takes to live there, you probably don't love there enough. I've made MY choice.
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22 December 2010 @ 11:44 pm
It's raining today. Again. I've never seen so many rainy days in a row here. Given the lousy ability of the ground here to absorb water it means that there are huge puddles everywhere and those billboards that show half-submerged cars begin to make real sense.

S is visiting me for the holidays and we have barely gone out due to the rain every day. At least it should start to clear up tomorrow.

Finally I got to see the new Suzumiya Haruhi film that came out in Japan theaters months ago. Very nice if you like the series.
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16 December 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Wow, it's been a long time since I posted. Well, it's not that I have a lot to post about anyway. It's that time of year again, and to clarify I'm talking about the end of the season for all the anime that I'm following. The one quality I like about anime the most is that the series have full stories including ENDINGS. The down side is that you go through post-series depression at the end of the series too. Oh, well. I think this season is particularly bad because the series were almost all dramatic this season (okay, MM! is NOT but most of the others I'm following are) which means you feel it all the more at the end. The last few seasons had really good comedy series which lightened the mood (if you get the chance Seitokai Yakuindomo and Working! were both really great) but there were no really good comedies this season.

Anyone out there know a good cure for the post-season blahs? I go through this whenever I finish a really good RPG too so it would be helpful to know (at least I think so).

I suppose there is the new season, but there isn't too much to look forward to. Wolverine, the madhouse adaptaion of the Marvel character is coming up (Iron Man was this season and there are supposed to be 4 in all) and Gosick (which I believe is a bad translation of the word Gothic) looks somewhat interesting but most of the other stuff doesn't look all that fun.

Maybe I'll go play with my mixer to distract myself (would it be wasteful to grind Fillet Minion steaks to make ground beef?).

(P.S. My Dad beat me at the lottery, darn it! He made back $11 and I only got $3. Putz)
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15 December 2009 @ 09:04 pm
Wow. In the fury of M's visit and then doing inventory, I totally missed posting about a huge milestone. Last Tuesday I reached my goal. Since March 31st I've been keeping track of my walking. With my pedometer on my hip (Thanks to Crosshaire and Straybee!) I have been keeping track of how far I walk as I got to work and run around during my day. Not including the weekends and only counting from the time I leave my house to the time I got home, I have now covered over 1,000 miles. It seemed like it would take a lot longer. Maybe I'll try something else next. How many miles I hike when I take trips, maybe? We'll have to see.
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22 November 2009 @ 09:52 pm
So at work today (after being really sick all weekend) I find out that they've decided to have a pot luck party in the department on Thanksgiving. I hadn't really planned on something like this so I was at a bit of a loss. I asked what kind of thing I should bring and immediately about a dozen of the employees chimed in. "Bring that shrimp thing! Oh, yeah! Yeah, bring the shrimp thing!" That shrimp thing, by the way is my grandmother's shrimp mushroom appetizer that I was STUPID enough to bring to a party two years ago for Christmas/New Years. So I'm about to say "No way!" when I start thinking, "You know, this could be my chance to try out my new deep fryer. And the stand mixer would make short work out of making the dip which is such a pain to make with a fork...AAAAAAGH! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!? YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WORK THAT IS?!?... and the ingredients aren't that expensive even the shrimp is like $10 for 2 lbs...ARE YOU NUTS? YOU'LL BE WORKING FOR 2 DAYS TO MAKE IT!...and I'll get to eat any extra myself...LIKE THERE WILL BE ANY LEFTOVERS! THESE ANIMALS CAN EAT LIKE 20 EACH!...(well, so can I)"

In the end I said I'd think about it and unless I can come up with another idea, I'm stuck. I must be getting soft.

On the walking front, in the past 15 days of walking I've done 273,270 steps or 107.73 miles bring my goal down to 174.79 miles. Wow. I'm going to make my 1000 miles before the end of the year! Since I started counting on May 31st, and I expect to finish in December, that means I've walked 1,000 miles in under 8 months! Multiply that by 3 years and...whoa... I think my work shoes get more mileage then some people's cars!

On a completely unrelated note there is a channel on the TV with Christina Aguilera in concert and I have to say that I'd almost forgotten how pretty she can be when NOT trying to look like a skank.
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01 November 2009 @ 10:41 pm
I have come to the conclusion that I have been bitten by...the travel bug.  I really enjoyed the trip my family took to see northern California in the summer and the day trips out to Zion National Park was really cool.  But sitting here and watching the travel channel's show on the Colorado River has brought out that I just love travel of all kinds.  My trips to Japan are something I truly love but I think I enjoyed the trip to Flagstaff to see the Grand Canyon just as much.  I just love traveling.  I had planned to take a trip to Japan again next year in October but I am seriously beginning to think that if I can't do that, then just traveling throughout the west for two weeks would be a wonderful alternative.  The Redwood forest, Sequoia National Park, Arches National Park, Yellowstone... there are so many things I would love to see.  Texas, Colorado, Utah, heck even the east coast like Atlantic City, New York City, Niagara Falls and Gettysburg.  I am really looking forward to the next few years in a way I haven't in a long time.  I wonder where I'll end up.

On a completely separate note, I haven't given up with my walking either.  I've covered 291,504 steps since last report which is
118.78 miles which brings me down to 282.52 miles to go until my goal of 1,000 miles walked.  Not bad at all.
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15 October 2009 @ 12:37 am
Oh Mah Gawd!!!!  Just watched the new Mythbusters and their new uses for Duct Tape.  Lifting a car was cool, making a sailboat out of duct tape was cooler, but the duct tape cannon was just awesome!  As a side note, man, is Cari preggers....

Also, something cool happened at work today.  To anyone who says you can't win in Vegas, we have yet another example that anyone can win if the luck is with them.  A ripple of excitement went through the casino when a man playing the Wizard of Oz slot machine hit the progressive jackpot.  1.5 million dollars (plus 80 thousand or so) makes for a really nice vacation for that guy.  Congratulations!
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11 October 2009 @ 05:45 am
Well, I placed my order for my stuff using the bonus points from work.  My cheapness got the better of me and I went with the less beefy Artisan stand mixer (instead of the professional model) and the smaller deep-fryer.  Total: 16,023 points.  I missed out on the Chicago sampler which was apparently a special and has now gone back to it's original 9,000 points, a little too expensive unless I was planning on having a big party or something.  Thanks to those who gave their opinions, they really did help me decide.  If I can get more points this quarter, I'll get the grinder attachment (about 2,500 points) or maybe the Omaha steaks variety pack (3,200 points).  We'll see.

On the walking note, I've covered another 35.43 miles bringing me to 401.30 miles to go.  Wow, it actually seems like I'm getting close to my goal.
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02 October 2009 @ 12:38 am
Drooling over kitchen gadgets! You have been warned....Collapse )
On another note, it's been 287,343 steps since my last post which is 116.49 miles toward my target so I now have 436.73 miles to go. Not bad.
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09 September 2009 @ 07:39 am
Nothing to report, but it's been a while so I thought I'd finally record an update to my walking record.  It's been 239,222 steps since my last update or 100.38 miles.  That brings my goal down to 553.22 miles to go.  Not bad, I'm just about halfway.  I started recording on April 28th so a little more than 4 months has passed and I'm almost halfway.  I'm going a lot faster than I thought....
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